Cyber Detection Services Inc (CDS) was formed in Nashville, TN in 2015.  The first configuraton release (1.0) of our embedded device technology was rapidly designed and developed.  The basic functions/capabilities of NOT being detected as an Internet Sensor, instantly detecting an unauthorized/malicious connection and/or an actual cyber attack, extracting the payload from the active process buffers (memory) and instantly transmitting the attack were released within our first embedded device Rel 1.0.

A critical/strategic key technology we rapidly designed and developed was our ability to remotely manage and update our embedded device technology.  This allowed CDS to rapidly expand our embedded device technology design from Rel 1.0 to Rel 4.0 in a few short months, while in a production environment running 24x7/365 within a major cybersecurity corporation .

The CDS embedded device technology hardware is manufactured within the United States.  All embedded software design and development is performed in the United States by US citizens.

The CDS embedded device operating system (O/S) currently in production has a distribution life cycle that ends in 2024.

Many laugh when we state that our device has never been hacked.  Some ask how is that possible?

The answer is simple:

Our embedded device has been designed, developed, patented and exists for only one reason - to be attacked by all forms of cyber attacks, and expects those cyber attacks to attempt to overwhelm and/or exploit or access (login to) our device.

Our embedded device is designed and developed to expect these attacks 24x7/365, capture the attack(s) and instantly report the attacks as they BEGIN.

For more information, please contact CDS.

DUNS: 080086912           Cage Code: 7HVL3